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1) Methods of payment

The minimum amount of the order must be 24,00 Euro for the Italian National territory and 49,00 or EU Countries. Following methods of payment can be used:
-Credit card ( VISA, CartaSi, MasterCard).
-Cash att reception (the payment can be done during the delivery of the merchandise, in this case the client must pay a delivery tax of 6,00 Euro)
-Bank transfer (the client pays in advance, transferring the amount on the checking account (see bank coordinates below) the merchandise will be mailed once the payment has been done.

For NON-EU-countries, no payment at reception/delivery is accepted.
BJ-STORS reserves itself the right of not accepting some forms of payment. The merchandise will not be delivered and will remain in our possession until a regular payment has happened.


2) Bank coordinates

Südtiroler Sparkasse AG - Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano S.p.A.

IBAN: IT64 P060 4558 2210 0000 5001 096


3) Privacy – data protection – security

All personal data are treated in absolute respect of current Italian National laws.
Disclosure in accordance with art. 13 of the TESTO UNICO SULLA PRIVACY (Legislative decree n. 196 of the 30th of June 2003: Personal data of the client will be treated only for executing obligations deriving from a sales contract and for the fulfilment of orders. Stating your personal data is not mandatory but the data are indispensable, otherwise will the fulfilment of the obligations deriving from the sales contract be impossible. The data stated by the client will only be used for the purpose he/she him/herself specifies. It will be our care and will to protect all your rights to privacy.
Data stated by the client will in no case handed over to third parties, only exception our mailing partner to whom the mailing address will are given.