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Shipping and returns

DHL Express

1) Shipping costs

Shipping costs are automatically supplied by the system and shown before the order confirmation.

Within the EU (pricesincluding VAT):

0 - 3 kg 3 - 5 kg 5 - 8 kg 8 - 10 kg
Zone 1 9.90 € 9.90 € 14.90 € 14.90 €
Zone 2 9.90 € 14.90 € 19.90 € 24.90 €
Zone 3 24.90 € 34.90 € 49.90 € 64.90 €

Zone 1: Italy

Zone 2: Austria, Germany, Niederlande, Frankreich, Luxenburg, Belgien
Dänemark, Vereinigtes Königreich, Irland, Finnland, Griechenland, Schweden, Spanien, Portugal

Zone 3: Zypern, Polen, Malta, Lettland, Bulgarien, Tschechische Republik, Slowakei, Slowenien, Litauen, Estland, Rumänien, Ungarn

Outside the EU (prices without VAT):

0 - 3 kg 3 - 5 kg 5 - 8 kg 8 - 10 kg
Zone 4 14.90 € 19.90 € 24.90 € 29.90 €

Zone 4: Schweiz, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Norwegen, Bosnien und Herzegowina

2) Mailing

Mailing costs are automatically supplied by the system and shown before the order confirmation.
Delivery will be directly at your home. It is not possible to send to postal boxes or poste restante.
Normally are incoming orders taken care of and mailed within 24 hours. Delivery time might be delayed especially in case of distant areas or isles. To ensure the delivery it is necessary for you to insert a telephone as point of contact in the therefore foreseen field (merchandise purchase cart)
Orders will be delivered after payment.
N.B.: For deliveries out of the E.U. a previous agreement is necessary because the delivery costs may vary (i.e. toll taxes etc.) which will be in any case born by the client.
BJ-STORS GMBH informs you that in some cases a delay in delivery may occur for example due to unavailability of the product which must be re-supplied. In this case you will be immediately notified. In any case do we reserve ourselves the right to proceed with partial-deliveries when only a part o the ordered articles should be available. The available merchandise will be delivered and only that one charged to the client.

3) Right to recede – returning goods

Should the client not be satisfied of the purchase, has he/she the right to recede from the contract or change the merchandise asking for permission to recede. This right must be exercised within 14 working days. We ask you to check that the package is not damaged when you receive the merchandise; contrarily please complain immediately to the courier and inform also BJ-STORS GMBH. In case of faulted merchandise it will be up to you to contact BJ-STORS GMBH, within the time-limit stated by law. BJ-STORS GMBH will immediately contact the producing company which in turn will repair or change the merchandise.
The merchandise must be mailed, enclosing the specific returning merchandise form, BJ-STORS GMBH, via Porta Sabbiona 3, I-39042 Bressanone (BZ).
Mailing costs (handling, taxes), will always be born by you (both ways). It is not possible to return or change merchandise which is not in perfect conditions (i.e.: dirty, damaged articles or articles with clear wearing marks), or lacking original tag and labels.
Merchandise on sale (discounted) is excluded from the right of recess or change.